29-31mm Festoon Bulb Replacement

When replacing your festoon LED bulbs with LED version, depending on the LED bulb you use, it may have a metal body. You must ensure the body doesn’t touch and create a circuit between the ground and positive as circled. This would blow your fuse. You can ensure this doesn’t happen by putting some electrical tape on the area where the LED bulb may contact the terminals.

Difference between AC and DC HID Ballasts

AC is an alternating current (the amount of electrons) that flows in both directions and DC is direct current that flows in only one direction; the product that is flowing being electrons.
DC electrode wear is from one electrode due to one-way current flow whereas in AC, electrode wear is more even due to two-way flow.
There is no way to tell if a ballast is as AC or DC by looking at it without opening the case.

HIDxenonlights.com Review

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