Difference between 9006/HB4 and 9005/HB3

Common question, what is the difference between a 9006 bulb and a 9005 bulb? Really the difference is minor:

9006 bulbs are usually lower wattage when it comes to Halogen bulb:  80W vs 100W
9006 bulbs are used for low beams on many cars and 9005 on high beam.
9006 and 9005 plugs are slightly different with minor plastic tab making them different. See attached image.
For HID bulbs, 9006 and 9005 bulbs are indeed identical, since wattage is not the factor.

One thought on “Difference between 9006/HB4 and 9005/HB3

  1. They work great, but just like the old bulbs there are differences. Cheap bnrads often don’t give off great light and some don’t last as long. I use them in most of my lights, I only switch when bulbs burn out. There are many styles and colors of light, so I suggest to try a few different styles to make sure you like the light before you invest in a large quantity.

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